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Cantina San Donaci

Cantina San Donaci

Cantina San Donaci, one of the oldest wineries Salento countryside, was established in 1933, by a group of 12 farmers, whose purpose was to develop the economy of their land and products.

Today Cantina San Donaci uses highly modern technology yet still one of the most important features of the products is the irreplaceable ageing in durmast barrels, which refine the taste and enhance the high quality.

In particular, Primitivo is one of the most important typical vines of Salento. As a single variety, the vine produces a superior quality, producing a deep ruby-red to purplish-red wine. Primitivo produces a high alcohol content and is warm, full, well-balanced and well structured.


An interesting point to note is that Primitivo and Zinfandel grapes are genetically incredibly similar although both are technically clones of an ancient Croatian grape varietal, Tribidrag – hence they are usually considered “siblings” and often produce very similar wines.