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Why buy wine in Magnum bottles?

Magnums age better

Wine ages in the bottle due to the tiny air movements in and out of the cork. With large format bottles, you’ve got the same surface area for air transfer but a much greater volume of wine. The result is that larger bottles age at a slower rate than their 750ml counterparts.

Experts say that big bottles age more gracefully too, because they do so at a slower pace. Many wine producers bottle a portion of their premium wines in larger formats for this reason. 

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Magnum bottles are more sturdy

Magnums are made with thicker, heavier glass to protect them from heat, light, and travel-related vibrations. On the down side magnums often require some re shuffling of the wine fridge to fit them in so our advice is to chill in your regular fridge and drink with friends on any suitable occasion!

There's just something about a big bottle!

Big bottles are notable and striking, no matter what the occasion. They look great on the table and the creatives among us can always find a good use for the impressive bottles once the contents have been consumed.

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And finally it’s good to know……

If you are heading back to Europe this summer, its good to note you can often pick up Magnums of Rose at a great price. The majority of rosés are produced to be consumed during the current vintage as they start to decrease in value as they age. However, large format rosés will remain fresh and lively well beyond their vintage, since they aren’t ageing as quickly as regular bottles. So look out for offers on Rose Magnums as wine shops drop the price of the rose from the previous vintage.