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Explore the wonderful wines of Italy with us - part 2

Italy’s last wilderness - Abruzzo

It's considered Europe’s greenest region. The landscape here features low-lying hills, with vineyard exposures looking out to the sea. Beautiful, cold nights and gentle, warm and nourishing days make the perfect environment to grow grapes. Montepulciano (the grape not the town) in particular thrives here! It is here in the heart of the Abruzzi that you’ll find the Nicodemi and Ilauri Wines.

The white grape variety Pecorino is the ‘hot and trendy’ grape from Italy that you seldom see in Singapore. Native to Marche and Abruzzo, pecorino has experienced a revival in the past 15 years or so, thanks to its bright acidity, minerality and pleasant green aromas. If you try only 1 new grape variety this year and especially if  you've tasted the cheese, give our Ilauri Avalos Pecorino a go. They make a great pair! 

A full bodied white wine, hand harvested with a wonderful bouquet of white pulp and fruit. Explosive flavours of ripe pear, apple and jasmine accompanied with a gentle and refreshing acidity.

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The vines at the hilly Nicodemi Estate benefit from rich clay and limestone soils. This in turn gives character to the wine. They use no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on their vines, allowing the true fruit character and benefits of the land to shine through in their wine. At Nicodemi there is deep respect for their land. They abide by all the rules that organic farming demands, leaving wild grasses to grow around the rows of vines, oxygenating and enriching the soil. In addition they opt for renewable energy and today’s winery runs on solar power. 

We love this philosophy and we love their Montepulciano. You’ll struggle to find wine made so well at this price point, its a must try!

Image from Wine Folly - get it here